Fu7urists of the World Unite and Take Over

We welcome Futurist to Fu7urist

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Community together

Bringing the Decentralised Community Together

FU7URIST is a collection of 10,000 geometric NFTs—unique digital collectables living on the Ethereum sidechain, polygon. To own one, you must be a futurist who is also curious and intellectually flexible, what we call a Futurnaute and apply by clicking here. Your FU7URIST NFT doubles as your ticket to access our Spaceship “Future Center” owning it offers a membership card and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to the METAVERSITY curriculum on the SPACESHIP, a collaborative coworking and learning space. In addition, the community can unlock future areas and perks through roadmap activation.

5 % of the supply will be awarded as prizes for traders of Coin Gryphon. 

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INVItation only

There are no bonding curves here for the futurist collective. Being part of the FU7URIST collective costs 0.08 ETH. There are no price tiers, and no gas fees; Future Center membership costs the same for everyone.

No Bonding Curves

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Your FU7URIST NFT is limited and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including symmetries and isometrics, tesselations, non-euclidean geometry, similarities and fractals, topology, depth and perception, movement, and more. All FU7URES are related to emergent properties in science and technology, but some are rarer than others. 

Your FU7URE is stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.) Purchasing your FU7URE costs 0.08 ETH.

To access members-only areas such as THE SPACESHIP, FUTURISTS and FUTURENAUTS  will need to be signed into their Metamask wallet.


Our Futurist spaceship named

“Future Center’ is located digitally in lower earth orbit

It will become operational once the preselection period is over. It contains a variety of uses accessible only to wallets holding at least one FU7URIST NFT. Like any good spaceship, this is the place to explore, observe, hack, or get to know fellow futurists and futurenauts in social events and as part of the METAVERSITY over discussions about A.I., blockchain, space technology and all things that pertain to evolving us along the Kardashev scale.

Each FU7URIST-holder will be able to host sprints and events and attend every other week. Think of it as a collaborative science experiment aided by the crypto sphere. A members-only co-work space for the discerning minds of crypto Twitter.

It will be a variety of adventures in insight.

join us for ad-ventures in insight

Welcome to the Fu7urist Collective

When you join the Future Center Collective as a Fu7urist who is still curious as a Futurenaute, you are not simply obtaining a geometric identity or provably rare piece of art, You are gaining membership access to a collective whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your FU7URIST NFT can serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you. 


Ownership and commercial usage are given to the futurists and futurenauts who own the NFT.


A member-only spaceship and full use of hackathon space, streaming room, and library. 


Gain additional membership benefits through road map activation.

Road Map Activations

We’re in this to ensure we’re further along Kardashev’s scale, which means we’re Futurist Collective in it for the long haul. 

We’ve set up some goal posts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell-through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.


10%      We begin building the asset evaluation tool.

20%      We release the Fibonacci collection with blueprint plans for the build-on macro evaluation for the market.

40%     We host our first hackathon on the digital spaceship Future Center.

60%     Membership exclusive event held on a 46-acre ranch in Morgan Hill, Silicon Valley. 

80%    We begin building the DAO.

90%    The liquidity pool is initiated.

100%  We begin investing in projects the DAO approves. 

Meet the Fu7uristic Futurenauts


Creative Head of the company who is the brain behind all our products.


A Genius programmer skilled in solving complex problems in a simple way

 Interstellar Sailor

Skilled in a number of programmer languages, she is our go to gal.


    – Future Center
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We love to listen, and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your application. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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